The boat website was designed and created by the 2nd year graphics design students of 2017/2018. This was a collaborative experiential learning project.

Project Facilitator

Anthony Ricciuti,
Graphic Design Professor

Project Director:

Morgan Sager


Production Director:

Brandon Brooks

Layout & Design Team:

Emma Coldwell
Ryan Fecteau
Conner Sutherland
Montanna Corbeil
Jewel Lawrence

Development & Testing Team:

Leslie D Hookimaw
Thomas Cooke
Kayla Way
Victoria McCarthy

Media & Content Director:

Matthew Hoffman

Content Organization Team:

Carolynn Vaher
Dalton O’Reilly
Christos Georgas

Media Team:

Cassidy Leblanc
Matteo Mione
Victoria Enever
Mathieu Leblanc
Kayla Hughson

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