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The Chief Commanda has been located in the heart of North Bays Marina for more than twenty years. In that time it has operated as a bar restaurant and or tourist attraction under different management following being decommissioned and relocated from Callander Bay.
In 2013 the opportunity presented itself for our team-family to take over the property along with the tired vessel.

We did just that! In 2013 two local brothers along with their experienced food and beverage team took on the challenge to revive the old girl. We kept it simple. Even in name, The Boat North Bay. A family owned local business. Priding itself on being food focused, community sensitive, tourist friendly, with a commitment to provide the best in service, products and experiences.
We are proud of where we come from and where we have gone in our short five seasons. We are conscious of our rich history and strive yearly to ensure our guests have a wonderful visit with us time and time again.

“The Boat North Bay, not just a restaurant or a bar…it’s an experience”
Steve Bitonti

Our Reviews are in and they are hot

Christ Evers

“We were there tonight- excellent dinner… will definitely go again, and such a beautiful view while waiting and eating. Thanks for the good experience.”

Chris Campbell

“Looking forward to making a visit here when I’m in town later this year! Best fish in town”

Lorena Armellini

“Best food ever!! We certainly have never been disappointed with food and service at The Boat!”

Lynn Mackey

“Great place, amazing memories & drinks are always cold.”

Cheryl Meisenheime St.Jean

“Wow, looks good. I love going to sit on our old Chief that is planted at waterfront and gazing over water watching the Sunset"

Gunner Grolman

“Here is to another terrific season, Steve and Peter Botonti .. thanks for the service.”

Shawn Acton

“Thank you so much for always treating me, actually customers in general, as family. The efforts of your staff is greatly appreciated. See you at the games all year. Thank you once again.”

Mel Menard

Best place to be in the summer! I have spent the last three summers enjoying the beautiful view, call me bias, but as a customer the service, the food and the drinks are fantastic. I love this place and always will!

Doug Patterson

Great Venue for many things, from eating to drinking to clubbing. Awesome Staff. Regular spot after coming off the Lake or chilling in the Marina on my own boat.

Our Patio Hours

12:00pm - 10:00pm
5:00pm - 10:00pm
12:00pm - 10:00pm
12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 2:00am

Entertainment hours are until
2:00am on Friday & Saturday
*Due to our seasonal nature hours can differ due to inclement weather conditions

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(705) 476-0110

Our Address

225 Memorial Drive,
North Bay, ON P1B 4G6

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.North Bay's Landmark
Lakeside Bar & Grill.

(705) 476-0110

225 Memorial Dr,
North Bay, ON
P1B 4G6